Le Grand Voyage

Sensitive to the demands of the experience generation, Hennessy USA was keen to attract a new audience to it’s premium cognac range by using brand education that was more engaging than instructional.

The concept was to create an experiential journey through the five key savoir-faire chapters of Hennessy cognac making. Le Grand Voyage was an immersive, sensorial experience built in Brooklyn, New York, where education and art met, allowing the guests to travel through place and time to appreciate a 250-year dynasty of cognac tradition.

Over 3000 guests attended the 110 events, leading to 40,000 social media engagements, 800 million impressions, 300 articles, and a 25% increase in brand recommendation.

Client: Hennessy
Designed at: Hue & Cry
Credits: Francesco D'Urso, Roberto Nicolo, Gary Moore, Sharon Reid, Cecilia Franchi, Tom Smith, NVE, Third Eye