We instinctively want to give brands and companies a creative lift

Why? A brand needs to keep growing and evolving to keep above the crowd and to be relevant to people’s changing lives and experiences. We see the positive and the opportunities, and we love it when we see things rise up.

To think tall you need to start small

We become your creative partners and work with you to find the foundations that make your brand special. We then use our creativity to form beautifully executed ideas that make you seen above the crowd. You can find some examples on our portfolio page.

We have big brand ideas

But it’s not about having your head in the clouds. We have our feet firmly on the ground. We value empathy, and understanding, and making sure the smallest details underpin any growth. We’re optimistic pragmatists and we’re practical, finding solutions that work.

We’re a collective with a wide reach

Led by Andrew Paterson we have a large network of partners and experts and we select the right people for the right job. We have big agency experience and big agency impact. We think personal connections and understanding are vital to a successful project and you won’t be passed around from one person to another.

We’ll help you reach those things currently out of range

To have a better vantage point. To be different, and to be remembered. To have stature and to be a leader not a follower. To stand tall and feel proud about who you are, what you stand for, what you’re going to do, how you look, and what you have to say.

We help to raise you and your customer’s experiences up to another level.

It’s better being taller

(Apart from the leg room on airplanes!)

What we do

Branding and identity
Logo design
Brand strategy
Brand architecture
Brand guidelines
Website design

Motion graphics
Art direction
Retail design

Brands we have worked with

AEG logo
The Arts Club brand logo
BBC logo
FIFA logo
Gielgud Academy logo
Glorious logo
GSK logo
Hennessy logo
LVMH logo
National Trust
Royal mail
Shakespeare's Globe
The Social Element

“Working with Taller and Andrew is a fantastic experience - they really get us as an agency and help with our ongoing visual identity, creative strategy and website. An absolute joy to work with!”

Tamara Littleton CEO The Social Element


Red Dot Awards,
Event Design
Hennessy Le Grand Voyage

IDEA Bronze, Packaging
Glorious Foods branded packaging

Eyes and Ears of Europe,
Special Prize for Creation
Text Santa

Design Week Benchmarks, Commended
Glorious Foods branded packaging

IDEA Gold, Packaging
Comfort Juicy

IDEA Gold, Corporate Identity
Lloyds Pharmacy

FX Awards, Silver, Promotional Graphics
Promotional Graphics for Ch’a tea houses

D&AD In-book
Royal Mail Olympic Stamps

A Taller network

While not all being 6’7″ we work with a wide range of finders, creators, and doers who are head and shoulders above the rest. We work closely on strategy and naming with Glow London, research with Compton and Dean, CGI and motion graphics with Riecansky, copywriting with Alex Genn Copywriting and printing with A3 Printers