The A-Z of global flavours

Having been de-listed from major supermarkets due to confused positioning, the owners of Glorious! Soups needed to overhaul it’s identity and packaging, focussing on the experiential rather than the previous worthy positioning,  and making the most of its authentic and adventurous mix of global ingredients and flavours.

Inspired by the global diversity of recipes, each product was given its own identity based on exotic locations around the world. The designs used bespoke lettering, creating the ‘A-Z of global flavours’, giving the brand it’s own visual language.

The result was 139% year-on-year growth, and market share almost doubled.

Client: TSC Foods
Designed with: Lambie-Nairn
Glorious alphabet illustrated
Glorious Soups logo
Glorious Soup range
Glorious Soup and skinny
Glorious pasta sauce
Glorious touring van
Glorious website
Glorious website
Glorious business cards
Glorious T-Shirt
Glorious advert
Glorious tasting