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Client: Moment Company
Strategy: Glow London


By addressing the increasing mental health issues faced globally, Moment Company has created a unique mental wellbeing solution that integrates mindful moments into everyday life, reducing stress, anxiety and depression. The Moment Pebble helps you take short mindful micro-pauses throughout your day. This natural stone device is unconnected to technology, often the source of our stress, and uses gentle light pulses to guide you through powerful, stress-reducing breathing exercises. In as little as 30 seconds, the Moment Pebble helps you to reset your body and mind, and to calm your nervous system. This is combined with the self-paced Moment program that immerses you in a range of techniques including mindfulness, breathwork and meditation. Moment Company wants to be at the forefront of the discussion of the global wellness economy, which is growing at 6% annually.

Micro pause. Mighty difference.


The brief was to introduce Moment as a key and vital player in the wellness category. The aim was to be seen as a mainstream and personal solution to mental-wellness issues, but to also foster a community and a wider discussion. Working with Glow London who provided the strategy, we did this by building on the way a Moment can act as a small distinct component  of your daily life. We brought this to life using the bracket device, as well as the ‘Moment heads’. We then created a brand toolkit of logo, colours, fonts and graphic devices, and marketing messaging that expanded on the space and the change of speed a Moment creates. A range of applications such as a Shopify website, digital advertising, packaging and animations were then developed. The result was an evolved creative platform for the Moment products and experiences to help people STOP, take a Moment, and to cut stress out of their lives.

“We love our brand! Thank you Taller Design and Glow London for expertly guiding and and helping to bring the brand we love to life! We would recommend working with Andrew Paterson & Emma Harris to any brand looking to stand out this year.”

Fiona McKinnon
CEO & Co Founder at The Moment Company

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