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Being the leading telecoms company in the UK and Europe it was essential to maintain and enhance O2’s brand consistency and presence. On-going brand guardianship, appraising all above and below the line communications, guidelines, brand asset creation, brand clinics and inductions, and brand specific communications in the UK and Ireland all helped to maintain the consistency and coherence of the O2 brand, whilst keeping it fresh and relevant.

As part of guardianship an additional project was to revitalise The O2’s venue identity in line with an updated strategy; ‘to wow the guest, every time’, and to control it’s usage befitting the world’s most popular entertainment venue.

Keeping closely inline with O2’s brand guidelines, a series of dynamic hero visuals showing the venue as the platform for amazing events were created, as well as the development of guidelines for specific audiences to ensure consistent and coherent usage across multiple channels.

Client: O2
Designed at: Lambie-Nairn
O2 guidelines
The O2 brand visual
The O2 banners
The O2 maps and wayfinding
The O2 tickets
The O2 posters