Azadi Skincare


Inclusive skincare for all melanin-kind

The skincare industry has historically dismissed melanin-rich (deeper tones), and neglected research into the skin tone shared by 70% of people on earth*. Azadi Skincare launched a new product range and brand to help those with melanin-rich deeper tones, but is effective for everyone, helping them glow inside and out.

*(2021 Lycored Survey).


Azadi means freedom or liberty in Persian, and helps tell the story to feeling free when we our skin feels good and isn’t painful or damaged. Visually, freedom is light. Tones of light and dark reflect all of our different skin tones, which also suggests glows and how your skin can radiate when it is healthy and nourished.

Over 99% of the ingredients are naturally derived, chosen for their gentle yet effective results, so natural tones and imagery became integral to the brand.

Seeing the light

Light and tones play a big part in the visual language bringing the idea of freedom and the optimistic glow of your skin and wellbeing to life. Combined with the natural ingredients at the heart of the products, we ensured the colours gave a real sense of natural glow. The brand icon uses a droplet falling from a stem to form the capital A for Azadi, with a gentle nod to the Persian origins.

We then made sure that the design system reflected the sense of breathing space and calm alongside the optimistic glows, with simple typography providing the premium cues. Sourced photography then reinforced the range of skin tones that the products can help.

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