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A seamless research journey, fluidly finding virtuous connections

Oxford Academic, Oxford University Press (OUP)’s platform for research, offers a single point of entry for access to scholarly and academic books and journals. OUP serves the diverse and changing research needs of students, researchers, professors, and practitioners with ongoing feedback from these communities. Working with the OUP brand design system we formulated a launchpad specifically for Oxford Academic that expressed the functionality of the platform. The users experience is now a flowing research journey, opening a clear path through the world of knowledge.


An authority in the field of research

Oxford University Press has a commitment to publishing pioneering authors and authoritative content, and with Oxford Academic you can research, discover, and explore the latest in scholarship from around the world. According to the latest Journal Citation Report from Clarivate, 43% of OUP journals are in the top quartile of their subject categories and six are in the #1 spot.

Oxford Academic has a growing body of three million journal articles, 400,000 book chapters, and two million images and multimedia to meet any research need. Ongoing investments in innovative technologies enable the Oxford Academic platform to keep pace with current and future requirements from the academic community.

The task was to create a graphic launchpad within the OUP masterbrand design system that could be used across all of Oxford Academic’s touchpoints.

A flowing research journey

To capture the seamless, arcing journey that OUP creates for its audiences and users, we wanted to show a clear path through the world of knowledge. This path would take in virtuous moments of overlap and interactions between different fields of knowledge, leading to new discoveries and theories. By using three linear circles that overlap and interact, with a simple path winding into the heart of the resource we can show how the path can be purposeful yet full of opportunity for interaction and discovery along the way.

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