Turning digital failure into commercial success. Capturing growth using data science, insights and creativity.

Good Growth are very good at finding where major companies get their digital commerce wrong. By turning this failure around they create significant commercial successes. But they weren’t very good at explaining how they did this, and why the fusion of the analytical and the creative makes data sing.

Reaching full potential

Good Growth identifies the small details in digital behaviour on commerce sites and company operations that prevent global brands from reaching their full potential online. A team of ‘mis-fits’, Good Growth are a unique mix of engineers, mathematicians, scientists and marketing practitioners working together forming a blend of expertise and understanding not seen elsewhere in the market. By using the two sides of the brain – analytical and creative, it’s this fusion of magic and logic that makes business transformation possible. They find creative ways to solve operational failures, underpinned by data analysis. They make data ‘sing’, unlocking opportunity.

Having completed successful projects with brands such as Diageo, Carlsberg, Waitrose and Channel 4 the new business funnel needed to be driven by inbound traffic, already excited by what the team could achieve, and needed visual and verbal clarity to the brand message they were broadcasting.

A new brand was needed to refocus and re-articulate the offer and give a foundation for marketing and new business efforts, as well as galvanising the staff around a common understanding of who they are and how they behave.

Opposites attract

The rebrand is driven by the tension that these opposites create and showing how failure can become success. 

It’s expressed throughout the identity from the logotype, which represents the analytical and the creative via the typefaces, through to the imagery and graphic devices. The icon is a blended duality of upper and lower case g’s. The mix of fonts in the process statements expresses the rational and the emotive, the hard and the soft. Everything Good Growth do is driven by an honesty and directness that manifests in the tone of voice which pulls no punches. Tonally they wanted to be bold, brave and optimistic, and the colours represent this by being vibrant and energised. The energy is carried though in the tessellated shapes and diagonal graphic devices.

“I am absolutely delighted to share my experience working with the phenomenal team at Taller on the rebranding of our company, Good Growth. It is not an exaggeration to say that they have exceeded our expectations and transformed our brand into a fresh, impactful, and memorable presence in the market.

The final result of Taller’s work is nothing short of spectacular. Our new logo, website, and overall visual identity perfectly encapsulate the essence of Good Growth, while also providing a strong foundation for future growth and success. The attention to detail, thoughtful design choices, and consistent communication throughout the process made the collaboration with Taller a truly rewarding experience.”


James Hammersley, CEO Good Growth

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