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Fact or fiction? The changing shape of truth.


Fact or fiction? The changing shape of truth

In a world increasingly filled with fake news and misinformation, the truth can be hard to find. As part of a major report, based on a global survey of over 5000 people, Oxford University Press aimed to discover the truth, to understand the truth, and to share the truth. Our task was to create brand assets visualising how the truth changes and morphs over time, fitting within the OUP brand system.


A question of trust

We live in an age of information overload. Billions of bytes of data are created every second, as we rapidly disseminate news stories, update our social media feeds, publish new books or academic research, and share images and videos of events happening in every corner of the globe. But how do we know what information to trust and where should we go to find the truth? After a period in which the transmission and interpretation of information has been in the spotlight, and questions about misinformation and disinformation more prevalent than ever before, Oxford University Press felt there would be value in exploring the current state of truth in this major new report.

The task was to create a hero graphic ‘launchpad’ that worked within the OUP masterbrand design system and would operate as a visual shorthand for all the communications and activities of the the report publication and promotion.

Shape shifting

As part of the masterbrand Oxford University Press design system the base O shape of the launchpad formed the structure that changed shape and aspect, reflecting the shifting perception truth. To represent accuracy as well as loose and fluid understandings and manifestations of what truth is, the edges became sharp as well as amorphous and random. When animated, the shapes change from rigid to fluid and back again, representing the constantly changing state of facts and opinion, and inversions.

The ultimate ambition is to empower people to make sense of the world around them, enable authors and experts to share their wide-ranging knowledge and perspectives, encourage open and honest discussion, and give people the tools to interrogate ideas and information with confidence. To have a critical view of what the truth is.


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