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Established in 2006 by Ruth Colling, RCC Ltd is a business psychology consultancy. They have a strong track record of supporting both teams and individuals. As part of helping clients to find their flow and to flourish they focus on executive coaching, team coaching, leadership and management programmes. They work across a wide range of sectors including legal, financial, construction and charity.

The problem they had was that they didn’t have a positioning or brand identity that allowed them to stand out from an increasingly competitive business psychology market. In addition the brand needed to reflect RCC’s grounded, practical and more compassionate approach. We worked with Ruth to create a positioning of ‘realising your full potential’. This focussed on the outcome of unlocking, overcoming and regaining mental strength.


We explored more about how RCC make their business psychology breakthroughs with clients. As part of our research we realised that sometimes only small changes were needed for success. In essence a fundamental tweak was required to unblock a mental behaviour or belief system that would then allow the team or individual to realise their full potential. With this in mind we created a typographic system to convey the message. This solution was how one word could be changed from a negative to a positive by making one small change – deleting the ‘un’.

In addition to this we created a series of illustrations based around a simple head shape that showed the specific benefits of the sessions and courses. Similarly we wanted to show the nature of RCC’s business in the icon so we transformed the monogram into an abstract head and thought bubbles that showed that they were very much ‘thinking’ about their clients.

Further developing the concept and the brand we created an earthy, warm but sophisticated colour palette. We also created a range of animated assets to bring the process to life which worked with a campaign and website, positively posing the question about you and your team’s state of mind, and the change that was possible.

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