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Boxgrove School

Branding, Art Direction

Client: Boxgrove Primary School


Boxgrove had experienced continued success with Ofsted ratings, increased intake, and a newly acquired Academy status. However the existing identity system didn’t reflect this excellence. As a result there was a desire to position and visualise the school design as a progressive community school, developing rounded global citizens. In order to create a successful community brand identity it was important to involve and engage a wide and varied audience. This included pupils, parents, teachers, governors, the local council. The new school design had to become adopted. and supported in this very emotive journey for it to be a success.

Boxgrove Primary School Guildford logo
Boxgrove Primary School Guildford signage
Boxgrove Primary School Guildford B sizes logo


The brand visual identity was based around the idea of growing from little b’s to big B’s. We took inspiration from the range of ages in the school, from 5 to 11 year olds. In addition to this the concept reflected how the school helped grow the pupils intellectually and behaviourally.

All 500 pupils were included in the creation of the visual identity. We asked every one of them to create a ‘b’ that reflected their age group. As part of the competition we chose the best ‘b’s’ that would then form the logo. Additional, more decorated ‘b’s’ were then used in applications around the school.

By seeing their own artwork displayed in signage, uniforms and posters we created a real sense of ownership. We were delighted to see that all of the pupils had pride and an emotional connection to the new school design. This created a new brand identity that the whole school could get behind.

Boxgrove Primary School Guildford brochure
Boxgrove Primary School Guildford brochure spread
Boxgrove Primary School Guildford brochure spread
Boxgrove Primary School Guildford brochure spread
Boxgrove Primary School Guildford posters

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