Inspired by the ride

Created by two cyclists, passionate about road cycling and mountain biking, Ridden was created to inspire and remind equally enthusiastic cyclists of previous and future rides. They created unique designs for clothing, posters, mugs, gifts & more – inspired by some of the great rides in the UK & beyond.

The challenge was to create a brand that felt relatable and not elite, and was in touch with local biking communities, and their gifting others.

The result was a brand visual language inspired by the tracks left by the ride, and a tone of voice that built on the local names for the ride segments.

Client: Ridden
Ridden brand visual trails
=Ridden crest logo graphic
Ridden brand icon graphic black
Ridden sweatshirts designs
Ridden logo sweatshirts deisgns
Ridden font alphabet type
Ridden cycling business cards
Ridden illustration
Ridden cycling poster
Ridden cycling website
Ridden cycling website
Ridden trails poster design
Ridden bike part poster design
Ridden trails poster designs
Ridden Ventoux and Box Hill poster designs
Ridden ventoux poster detail
Ridden terms poster typography design
Ridden T-Shirts graphics
Ridden branded mugs
Ridden all downhill poster design type